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The Will



You are long lost relatives of Eunice Bailey, an eccentric but wealthy lady. Her recent death, disappointingly for her of natural causes, has left her estate up for grabs. Her multitude of relatives have been tracked down and offered a chance to collect but of course there is a catch. She was the ultimate mystery fan and has determined that only those worthy of her final test will get her money.   

Fans of the traditional mystery will enjoy this room with its novel clues and throwback furnishings. Unlock your inner Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Rex Stout or Miss Marple with this Victorian study filled with clues awaiting discovery. But beware the red herring on your quest to earn Aunt Eunice's fortune.

You are not locked in this room but instead must solve the puzzle in the allotted time to win your inheritance.  

The difficulty of the puzzles in this room will leave younger guests feeling frustrated.  

Mystery, Abstract

Success rate: 10%